sarrellasand asked:

hi, so i saw your 'cute librarians' art a while ago and it gave me this idea for a story like the librarian franchise but with those ladies as the leads, i probably won't write it but thank you, i really love your art

a secret society of librariang!!! omg this would be so cool

i can totally see myself being super into this

Anonymous asked:

hi!! did you know that Marie Lu (the author of Legend) have a new book called The Young Elites? I havent read it yet but I AM SO EXCITED!! Have you read it yet?

I’ve just finished reading it! And I’m drawing some fanart RIGHT NOW!!!

It’s a pretty cool book, but I think I liked Legend better.

helloelyon asked:

What kind of fanart do you like to make? I keep wishing you'd be into Sherlock bc I imagine your Sherlock and John would be too adorable!!! What kind of shows are you into? :)

I’ve been doing a lot of book fanarts! But occasionally I draw some TV stuff too.

I watch a lot of TV (A LOT), but I don’t really have a main fandom, I guess Game of Thrones is the closest thing I have to it. Besides that I’m pretty much watching almost everything on CW and MTV and Netflix originals and HBO, I loooove horror shows and comedies, and sci-fi is favorite genre (though I’m not currently watching any sci-fi shows *cries forever*). I ocassionaly watch some really soapy shows like Nashville and Downton Abbey because I’m sucker.

I guess I don’t have a type? Apart from med shows everything is watchable.

I do watch Sherlock, but I don’t like it at all. I’m probably not coming back for the next season.