Wherever perfectionism is driving, shame is riding shotgun. Perfectionism is not about healthy striving, which you see all the time in successful leaders, it’s not about trying to set goals and being the best we can be, perfectionism is basically a cognitive behavioral process that says if I look perfect, work perfect, and do everything perfectly, I can avoid shame, ridicule, and criticism. It’s a defense mechanism.

When I was sixteen there was this Now and Then meme going around where people were supposed to draw themselves as their current and teen self. I remember that was SO MAD at the time that I couldn’t be part of this.

But now I finally can! So I’m bringing this back.

To be honest I don’t feel I’ve changed all this much in these seven years (HOLY CRAP SEVEN YEARS), I just feel I’ve been getting softer even though people keep telling me that life make us harder.



Hello! So I’ve compiled together a bunch of my inspirations in terms of drawing and lettering. I really love colors and kawaii everything. Tiffany Ford is really great and so is Gigi at color. Everything they draw is captivating and they have a great sense of humor. I’m a (cute) nerd and I read tons of books and manga so that influences me as well plus growing up in the 90’s and watching Sailor Moon and The Powerpuff Girls was really cute and captivating for me so I try to put those cutesy and fun feelings in my artwork. I love Gravity Falls, I’m pretty sure Mabel is my spirit animal. That type of humor and sass from my everyday life pretty much influences my lettering. I just want to make cute things and make everyone smile so…yeah…ok. Well just take a looksy at these cool peeps.


I’ve listed the names of the artist & links in order as they appear on my inspiration board (from left to right) below.

Mary Kate McDevitt

Crowded Teeth

Stephanie Baxter

Irena Freitas

Tiffany Ford

Cucumber Quest & Gigi D.G.

Gravity Falls & Emmy Cicierega

Powerpuff Girls & Kevin Dart

Sailor Moon



Kawaii things in general or Japan influenced

omggg i’m on lala SUPER CUTE inspiration board

i’m so flattered!!!

thank you lala <3