Okay, so… I’ve got to get some stuff out of my chest so BEWARE some seriously whining and angsty feelings are coming.



I love working on children/teens illustration. And I most definitely love working on cute art. I love drawing princess, I love working on projects for young audiences and I love that the only goal I have with my work is to make people happy and light hearted.

I don’t do cute art because it’s the only thing I can do. I do it because it truly love it, and I honestly do not want to do anything else.

(There are enough dark superhero movies out there people, you do not need me to put more shades of gray in this world, juts let me paint with all the colors of the wind)


I don’t care if my art is not political, if it’s not appealing for grown ups, if it’s not dark and bloody enough to be taken seriously, I don’t even care that my work it’s not really art at all.

So why do I feel like crap whenever people say: 

"Aww, Irena does cute art! She draws girly stuff, she can’t do (INSERT WHATEVER HERE)

It makes me feel so defeated and useless, and I don’t even know why! What just makes everything even worse.

I do not want approval for work I don’t care about.

I have some good ideas. Yeah, they are all girly as hell and yes a few of them involves princess and glitter BUT WHAT’S WRONG WITH THAT? Girly can be awesome.

yukieclipse asked:

Hi Irena! I'm sure you've been asked this but how do you go about getting freelance gigs? I have a full-time illustration job, but I have time and want to get some other jobs.


Freelance is always tough! Especially when you don’t have a agent to back you up (which is my case).

Honestly I don’t get as many freelance jobs as I wish, but the ones that I manage usually come up because:

1. Networking. Seriously. Most of my jobs as freelancer happened because I sort of knew someone or another artist said maybe I could be a good fit for the job. So try talking to people, join art collabs and be a present person on-line that probably some jobs will turn up.

2. If you really want to work at a publication just send a e-mail introducing your portfolio. it doesn’t always work, and most of times you don’t get a immediate response BUT at least now you are on that person radar.

3. Share you art like mad! But more importantly: share the kind of work you would like to do. You would like to work on book covers? Why not try to redesign the covers of you favorite titles?

4. Have a nice, simple and updated portfolio is ALWAYS important!

And I guess this is it.

This is what I do mostly :)

But if anyone out there has some other tips and words of wisdom to share I’m all ears.